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Blog The Starting Line was born

I kept being astounded by things I found out when I was training for the Great North Run last year and writing poems about the process.

"What, some people have muscle fibres that twitch especially fast?”, "Running makes the neurons in your brain connect up better?” and even obvious ones that most people already knew, like "Eating Mars Bars for three meals a day will making running harder”. I wished I’d known some of the stuff about the connection between body and brain when I was growing up.

Then before I knew it Beth at Great North Run Culture, Kaye at the Manchester Children’s Book Festival and Annabel at ARC had agreed that it would be a good idea to make a show for families about how running and writing are more similar than you’d think. The Starting Line was born. I do like a pun, me.


Kate Fox is a poet, writer and broadcaster. She was Poet in Residence for the Great North Run in 2011, and is working on a new show for families for the 2012 Great North Run Culture programme called The Starting Line.


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